Born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island, Kaki enjoyed a classic New England upbringing where commitment to education and literature permeated her family’s home. Kaki is part of a third generation Ivy League educated family. She is the daughter of Bing West former Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration and former model Kate West. Kaki, after boarding school in New England where acting was her main focus, graduated from Whittier College, with a B.A. in Theater Arts and Communications.


Kaki has captured 16 magazine covers as a model in the United States and abroad. She has modeled for clients throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and The Middle East. Kaki has built an impressive resume as a SAG actress in both feature film and network television. Kaki has recently devoted her attention to TV hosting which marries her ease derived from a lifetime in front of the camera and her exceptional analytical mind, quick wit, and friendly humor. Kaki hosts red carpets and interviews celebrities for RealTV Films and Fox Sports.



Kaki has not let success go to her head and consistently gives back to society with significant philanthropic initiatives for her core causes. She has tirelessly given to the USO for over a decade hosting events to help raise money and awareness for the plight of our soldiers’ families. Kaki is the daughter and sister of Marine war veterans. She is also very involved in local and national animal rights charities. Kaki’s best friend and Maltese Roki reminds her every day how important this work is. Kaki has recently moved from Los Angeles to New York City where she lives in the West village.